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Sonny Fisher

A word from our founder

Having embarked on my journey to revolutionise the payment services and small business funding industry over ten years ago, the efforts put forth by our team are now poised to now pay significant dividends. In order to meet our growth objectives and realise our vision, we have put together a capital plan that allows us to launch and market our ground breaking product with adequate infrastructure and marketing.

FORUS represents a new paradigm that allows anyone to transact and do business anywhere.

More than ever, economic development, growth and prosperity is a team effort.
No single organisation or government entity can successfully implement development programmes alone. FORUS represents a new paradigm that allows anyone to transact and do business anywhere and we are proud of the role this can play in both developed and undeveloped markets.

Our launch encompasses the integration
of community collaboration, cloud based technology and structured financial services products designed for the economically excluded. The combination of powerful technology with sound business principles can deliver economic gains for everyone. FORUS’ ability to provide economic benefit on both a micro and macro level will drive efficiency into the hands of individuals and businesses across the globe.

I look forward to the day when currency controls and capital restrictions are as antiquated a notion as information censorship. When every one with a network connected device can hold money in the cloud and move it instantly and for free . When greedy bankers with their economy-ruining frauds are a thing of the past. When forex rip-off kiosks and money transfer agents in immigrant neighbourhoods are no more. When predatory pay day and micro-lenders are not allowed to destroy entire communities. I look forward to the day when everything about money (except earning it!) is as free, fast, and easy as sending an instant message.

Our community trading platform is a place where everybody can participate on equal terms, where capital doesn’t rule and where creativity, people and the planet are the things that count.


Sonny Fisher
FORUS Founder

What is FORUS?

It’s More Than a Model, It’s a Mantra.

FORUS is a collaborative platform built for the sharing economy. But why? The FORUS technology stack was purpose built to allow for collaboration among members, essentially FORUS is a digital Co-operative.

A tokenised investment and trading platform, run by its members to collectively invest in economic development initiatives, small businesses and entrepreneurs. It is a virtuous circle where everyone benefits and where creativity, people and the planet are the only things that count.

The Acronym

FORUS, pronounced FOR-US, is a digital eco-system of Financial Services, that’s Free, Open, Real time, Ubiquitous, and Secure.

FORUS has stitched together an eco-system, that addresses the dissatisfaction our targeted consumers and customer segments have with the current status quo in the Financial Services market and also addresses the barriers that exclude a significant proportion of them from participation in that market – this differentiates us, and provides a significant competitive advantage.

The FORUS model offers truly free banking as part of a rich pallet of services and tools making up a complete digital wallet.

– No fees on transactions and payments for
both customers and merchants
– Retailers on the platform have no acquiring rates through
the payment system therefore allowing them to opt in to
pass on savings to consumers as a discount received.

FORUS has a comprehensive set of open APIs,
for easy integration.

Realtime settlements with no chargebacks.

In order to gain widespread adoption, the payment platform needs instant scale. Incremental adoption leads to failure.

In order to gain widespread adoption, the payment platform needs instant scale. Incremental adoption leads to failure.

Our Values







MahalaX is a cornerstone instrument of the African Wealth Fund. MahalaX earns 20% of the FORUS Digital platform revenue generated from advertising (adverbuying) and value added services.

Finance raised through member sign up fees and investment in MahalaX is used to take first risk on projects. It is also used to secure the coupon of regional local economic development instruments raised by the African Wealth Fund and listed and traded using the FORUS Digital platform.

Returns are distributed to the MahalaX with the gains made from productive lending once all costs of capital have been covered. This will be distributed to MahalaX token holders periodically.

The African Wealth Fund: Impact investing at scale

The African Wealth Fund represents a new sustainable and ethical financing model.

MalahaX (Pty) Ltd, trading as The African Wealth Fund has been established to generate and manage funds to invest in productive enterprises. The African Wealth Fund borrows funds from institutional and private capital, and uses this to back the token used to finance productive enterprises. The disbursement and collection is done through the FORUS Digital platform.
The African Wealth Fund is majority owned by its customers who, as described, are social enterprises or member or user-based organisations, who bring their members onto the digital platform.

Production Lending: Working capital finance

FORUS and the African Wealth Fund are raising liquidity to invest into production.

The business financing is based on a revenue share, and does not require the borrower to repay, unless in liquidation. We take a small percentage of turnover.
FORUS will provide working capital using revenue based financing, which generates a 3% platform administration fee.

This essentially puts us on the same ‘side’ as the business we are financing. If they don’t make money, neither do we. It is in our best interest to help them to succeed.

Adverbuying and on-going revenue

Adverbuying is the FORUS checkout process that sends targeted adverts and promotions according to the latest purchasing activity on the platform.

The platform creates a virtuous cycle that generates revenue from real value add, it shares this with the ecosystem facilitating the transaction. FORUS uses a revenue sharing token, MahalaX to enable all the users to participate in the returns generated.

Once a purchase transaction has been completed, the Adverbuying engine includes adverts on the purchase receipt. These are based on the purchasers location, purchase history, and buying behaviour of the users.

Management Team

Sonny Fisher


Mary Brennan

CEO / Operations

Clayton Mott

Brand Manager / Co-Founder

Jeremy Graff

Maven Liaison