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The Maven investment network was established to generate funds for the development of the FORUS platform.

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A decade of development has translated into 100 million customers ready to trade in our global marketplace.

MahalaX, by definition a flatcoin, is a stablecoin whose value is linked to economic performance. This is achieved through its participation in platform revenue generated via value-added services.

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What are the benefits to Mavens?

Investing in MahalaX offers a unique combination of financial opportunity and social impact. As a key part of the FORUS Digital ecosystem, MahalaX is not just an investment in a digital token, but also in a platform that drives financial inclusion and community development. Your investment supports the growth of innovative financial technologies and services, particularly in underserved regions. Additionally, MahalaX’s link to the economic performance and its share in the revenue of the FORUS Digital Group provides potential for stable returns, making it an attractive option for those looking to diversify their portfolio with a socially conscious and technologically advanced asset.

MahalaX benefits from its 10% ownership in the FORUS Digital Group. The primary revenue streams for FORUS Digital, and by extension MahalaX, come from Adverbuying and value-added services. Adverbuying is a programmatic marketing platform integrated into the FORUS Digital wallet, offering targeted advertising opportunities, which generates significant revenue. Additionally, a range of value-added services provided by the FORUS Digital platform contributes to its revenue. Since FORUS Digital doesn’t charge transaction fees, these innovative revenue sources are key. Thus, MahalaX’s returns are directly tied to the success and growth of these revenue channels.

Mavens on the FORUS Digital platform benefit from each other through the exchange of intellectual capital. By actively sharing their expertise, insights, and knowledge, Mavens contribute to a collaborative environment that fosters continuous learning and innovation. This collective intellectual capital enhances the overall capabilities of the community, enabling members to make more informed decisions, address challenges more effectively, and collectively drive the success of projects listed on the FORUS Digital Exchange. This collaborative synergy ensures that the community thrives on the diverse expertise of its members, creating a network where shared knowledge becomes a valuable resource for everyone involved.

Mavens post projects for investment by the community through industry-specific funds. Once these projects undergo de-risking, they become accessible for investment, utilizing both junior and senior debt instruments within a structured waterfall bond framework.

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This is an invitation for you to consider investing your equity and intellectual capital in FORUS Digital.