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This model is designed to create a robust, cooperative partnership that not only ensures compliance with local laws and regulations but also fosters a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners.

What is a
country license?

A Country License is an exclusive license granted by FORUS Digital to our Joint Venture partners. This license allows partners to act on behalf of the FORUS Digital platform within their respective country. In essence, this license empowers these partners to establish, manage, and expand FORUS Digital’s presence in their country.

What are the benefits of acquiring a country license?

The joint venture approach.

The country license is the cornerstone of our Joint Venture approach, where we collaborate with local partners who possess the necessary resources, connections, and knowledge of the local market. These partners can include a mix of local financial service providers, network operators, business development partners, and more.

Exclusive rights.

Partners have the exclusive right to operate and represent the FORUS Digital platform within their country.

Revenue sharing.

Partners get to share in the revenues generated by the FORUS Digital platform in their respective country.

Local empowerment.

This model allows local entities to have an active role in running and managing digital financial services, fostering local entrepreneurship and innovation.

Potential for growth.

As digital finance continues to grow globally, partners have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this expansion within their country.


Each of these Joint Venture partners is required to make defined contributions, such as capital investment, local integration and customization costs, and other resources necessary for operation. In return, each partner receives a share of the revenues generated from the operation of the FORUS Digital platform within their country.

You have been invited

Acquiring a country license presents an opportunity for local partners to become part of the global digital finance revolution. As we continue to grow and expand, we invite partners who are ready to bring secure, efficient, and inclusive digital financial services to their communities to join us on this journey. Together, we can help create a more financially inclusive world.

Let’s discuss your options

This is an invitation for you to consider investing your equity and intellectual capital in the FORUS Digital Exchange.