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Step into a world where scanning QR codes doesn't mean rolling the dice on your security.

Say hello to S-QR – Secure Quick Response, a FORUS Digital exclusive that’s turning the tables on QR code technology. Here, innovation meets integrity, and scanning becomes secure.


The New Frontier of QR Technology

Back in 1994, QR codes were the Next Big Thing, speeding up processes with a simple scan. But their invention came before e-commerce spread its wings, before cyber threats became daily news. While QR codes brought convenience, they were also easy to tamper with, leading to unexpected (and unwanted) destinations. The guessing game of where your scan leads ends now.

Revolutionising the QR landscape, S-QR combines the simplicity of the traditional QR codes with futuristic security, bringing you the best of both worlds. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a game-changer.

With S-QR, we’re redefining trust. Each code carries a unique SHA-2 cryptographic hash, a virtual seal verifying the data’s source and the sender’s identity. Think of it as a digital guardian that protects the code from tampering. Even a tiny alteration leaves a glaring trail, ensuring that you always know what you’re scanning.

But we didn’t stop there. Every S-QR code is equipped with a digital signature, an additional layer of security, adding a personalised touch to each sender, guaranteeing the message’s authenticity. It’s not just a scan; it’s a secure pathway to your digital destinations.

Embrace Your Curiosity

What’s behind a QR code? It’s a question that’s fuelled many scans. With traditional QR codes, curiosity often led to a risky click, a hazardous journey. S-QR is here to make sure that you can explore with assurance. Scan without fear, connect with peace of mind.

Your Ticket to Tomorrow

Get ready to leave the era of uncertain scans and questionable QR codes behind. S-QR is not just a solution; it’s a movement towards a secure digital world. It’s a commitment to turning curiosity into exploration, and assurance into a standard. Revolutionising Security, One Scan at a Time.

The Tech behind the model

FORUS Digital is a platform built using innovative technologies, which together form a unique stack. These technologies combine to create a digital ecosystem that serves as a nexus of financial and commerce activities. This platform enables secure transactions, increased efficiency, and inclusive financial services to all its users. Let’s delve into each component:

The FORUS Digital Wallet

Our CBDC-ready mobile app, the Digital Wallet, links seamlessly to banking and wallet APIs. Users can transact using their various accounts, while it also serves as a blockchain-based store for digital cash, loyalty tokens, investments, NFCs, and approved digital assets.

The FORUS Digital Card

An NFC-based central bank digital currency (CBDC) payment card. Accessible offline, it offers seamless top-up options at participating merchants or mobile wallets. With a simple tap, experience secure and swift payments anytime, anywhere.

Biometric Enrolment

For heightened security, we employ facial biometrics and fingerprint scans during cardholder enrolment at partner banks. Data undergoes cross-verification with government databases, alongside rigorous KYC and KYB checks.

Merchant Wallet

Our Merchant Wallet app goes beyond by aiding inventory tracking, auto-invoicing, and tax reporting to national revenue bodies, easing administrative burdens. AI is harnessed to boost sales of stagnant stock and items approaching expiry.

Merchant App

Our Merchant App is a web-app designed to help merchants optimize their inventory levels, connect to supply chain partners, and integrate with Coupa, the world's largest procurement platform.

Working Capital Finance

This platform allows merchants to apply for working capital finance. Banks and funds, as administrators of working capital funds, use this portal to approve merchants and monitor their performance.


Our secure QR Code (S-QR) allows users to make instant payments by scanning a QR Code. Offers and promotions for products can be encapsulated in the S-QR code, allowing for instant checkout and payment with all parties positively identified on the FORUS platform.


Our Hyperlocal Ecommerce feature allows merchants to list their products online. Customers can order and delivery riders can fulfill these orders on demand. Users on the platform can chat and rate each other, and trust is built-in since all users are biometrically identified.


Our Omnihub, in partnership with Ecentric, is a switching portal linking banking and wallet APIs, Value-Added Services (VAS) networks, and existing payment networks in one secure, fully compliant, scalable platform.

Digital Accelerator

Our open API is available to all ICT companies with domain experience in digital transformation fields that can benefit from blockchain technology, integrated with digital payments.

Co-op App

Our Co-op App is a suite of tools that provides digital voting, a blockchain share register, and membership management. These tools are available to all Cooperatives worldwide, offering full access to the entire FORUS Digital tech stack.


Empower brands and ad agencies with our marketing tools. Craft precise target groups from verified users, leveraging dependable demographics and purchase patterns sourced directly from transactions via FORUS Digital Card or Wallet.

Procurement Management

In partnership with Coupa, our Procurement Management tool allows companies to visualize all their business spend to streamline cost control, compliance, and spend management. Advanced inventory optimization algorithms increase the velocity of stock turnover.

Each component of our technology stack plays an essential role in forming the comprehensive FORUS Digital ecosystem. Through these technologies, we aim to build an inclusive and efficient platform that caters to the financial and commercial needs of all users. Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed to make secure transactions, manage your finances, and expand your businesses, all under one roof.

Why this tech stack?

The Harmony of Technologies

The synergy of these components gives rise to a comprehensive, secure, and efficient digital financial platform. The blockchain and smart contract technologies provide the fundamental framework ensuring the transparency, security, and efficiency of our operations. The digital currencies and digital wallets offer a safe, accessible, and convenient mode of transacting. Biometric enrollment safeguards the identity of our users, and our suite of digital tools enhances the versatility of our platform.