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FORUS represents a new paradigm that allows anyone to transact and do business anywhere.

More than ever, economic development, growth and prosperity is a team effort.
No single organisation or government entity can successfully implement development programmes alone. FORUS represents a new paradigm that allows anyone to transact and do business anywhere and we are proud of the role this can play in both developed and undeveloped markets.

Our launch encompasses the integration
of community collaboration, cloud based technology and structured financial services products designed for the economically excluded. The combination of powerful technology with sound business principles can deliver economic gains for everyone. FORUS’ ability to provide economic benefit on both a micro and macro level will drive efficiency into the hands of individuals and businesses across the globe.

I look forward to the day when currency controls and capital restrictions are as antiquated a notion as information censorship. When every one with a network connected device can hold money in the cloud and move it instantly and for free . When greedy bankers with their economy-ruining frauds are a thing of the past. When forex rip-off kiosks and money transfer agents in immigrant neighbourhoods are no more. When predatory pay day and micro-lenders are not allowed to destroy entire communities. I look forward to the day when everything about money (except earning it!) is as free, fast, and easy as sending an instant message.

Our community trading platform is a place where everybody can participate on equal terms, where capital doesn’t rule and where creativity, people and the planet are the things that count.


Sonny Fisher
FORUS Founder